• Oscilloscope probes and test probes are designed especially for testing dual-in-line IC packages on high-density PC boards . Many of the test probes are specifically designed for ultra-dense packaged chips located adjacent to each other. As chip packages shrink the ability to test becomes increasingly challenging. Oscilloscope probes and microgrippers can readily assist the user looking for a cost-effective means of testing signals at the chip level.

Items Available See PDF:

PQFP Microgrippers

    • 0.8mm to 0.5mm Lead Pitch 3 side by side – Maximum
    • 2.54mm to 0.8mm Lead Pitch
    • Oscilloscope Probe Adapter Kit – 1.25mm to 0.2mm Lead Pitch
    • High temperature microgripper – 1.25mm to 0.3mm Lead Pitch
    • 1.25mm to 0.2mm Lead pitch Unlimited – side by side

Technical Specification

    Please refer to pdf for further data.