EC-temp is a PI controller for use with ebm-papst EC fans and other products using 0-10V control input. Fan speed is controlled in relation to a set point and control range. There are two independently programmable 0-10V outputs which can be offset from each other to control one fan, two fans or a fan plus a suitable auxiliart device shutter,damper etc

  • Min and max fan speed setting
  • Display of min, max and actual temperature
  • Plug-in connectors for easy wiring
  • LED’s indicating relay operation and maximum demand
  • Programmable over temperature alarm relay
  • Maximum duty relay
  • If using two temperature sensors, controller will act on the higher of the two sensor inputs


Technical Specification:

  • Temperature profile: 20-40/35-55°C
  • Supply voltage: 230VAC
  • Ambient temperature: -5 to +45°C
  • IP rating: 54