100” Breadboards / Prototyping Panels

  • Available with plated or non-plated thru-holes
  • Popular thru-hole sizes: .035”, .042”, & .062”
  • Available with 0, 1, or 2 ground/power planes

Extender Cards

  • Active extender card Intel® 21154 PCI to PCI bridge used to isolate the primary PCI bus from the three secondary PCI bus slots.
  • The primary PCI frequency can range from 0 to 66.66 MHz.
  • DIP switches are provided to force the primary or secondary buses to 33MHz.
  • Available in two versions to cover all your voltage-conversion needs:
  •  1   3.3V or 5V to 5V signal conversion.
  •  2   3.3V or 5V to 3.3V signal conversion.

Technical Specification

  • Please refer to the datasheet for model specific technical data