Hermetic D-Sub Feedthrough

Positronic Xavac connectors are hermetic D-sub feedthrough connectors for space and / or industrial vacuum applications.

Both sides of the d-sub feedthrough contain four threaded mounting holes, an o-ring groove and fixed female jackscrews. Consequently this allows either side of the connector to be mounted toward the vacuum, therefore giving the customer the ultimate in flexibility.

Most importantly, all Xavac series connectors are 100% leak tested after fabrication. XAVAC® series connectors utilize precision machined contacts and are therefore strong and durable.  The materials and finishes, as well as the technical characteristics of the XAVAC® series connectors conform to MIL-DTL-24308,Goddard and the SPACE-D32 specifications.

In conclusion, the Xavac connectors are arguably the best hermetic d-sub feedthrough’s on the market.  In addition, we carry stock of these connectors and as a result our customers don’t have to contend with long lead times.

Technical Specification

  • Signal contact current rating: 14A nominal, size 20, 10A nominal, size 22.
  • Initial contact resistance: 0.005 ohms maximum
  • Proof voltage: 100 V r.m.s
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +125°C. The temperature range can be extended under certain conditions. Consult factory
  • Helium leak rate at ambient temperature: < 5×10-9 mbar. l/s under a vacuum of 1.5×10-2 mbar
  • Outgassing Non-metallic material: Total mass loss – TML <1%. Collected volatile condensable materials – CVCM < 0.1

For further information or a quotation on a XAVAC Hermetic D-Sub Feedthrough, please Contact Us.