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Connectors enable contact between wires, cables, printed circuit boards and electronic components. Whether your connector requirement is for power, to transmit data or signals or a combination of the three via a modular connector, Jacarem can assist you. Most connectors comprise of two parts, a plug and a socket. Traditionally they are referred to by gender to aid identification, the male and the female.

Technical Expertise

Our technical expertise enables us to assist customers to design standard cost-effective products into their applications. In addition, we can design bespoke connectors for your unique applications for example blind mating, sequential mating etc. Our engineers and technical sales team are on-hand to assist with new designs.


We have signed franchise distribution agreements with a number of world class manufacturers including Positronic, Erni Electronics, Conec, ODU and EDAC as well as many others. We hold a large range of stock so that we can supply next day delivery on many standard parts.


We stock many types of D-Sub Connectors, Circular Connectors, Power Connectors, Rectangular Connectors, Modular Jack Connectors, PCB Connectors and RF Coax Connectors to suit a variety of applications including the harshest environments. Furthermore where pressure and vacuum chambers are involved, our hermetically sealed connectors are very popular.

Mounting Types

Whether you require cable to panel, cable to cable (in-line), cable to board or board to board, we have something suitable for every application.

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Finally, if you need to cross-refer an existing product, we can assist you. Alternatively, if you have a brand new application and you require design assistance, please contact our team today for pricing or assistance.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you’re unsure of what type of product you need, have a specific requirement, or simply can’t find a particular connector, our friendly in-house experts will be able to assist you.