Custom Seals and Custom Hermetic Seals

We have designed thousands of custom seals for customers in a broad range of industries. Our engineering team take the time to understand your custom requirements and our speciality is then finding a standard hermetic seal or designing a custom hermetic seal specifically for your application.

Choosing the right Custom Hermetic Seals

Whether you have a cable or wire feedthrough, flex circuit, thermocouple including coax, fiber optic, computer equipment connectors, military connectors or nearly any connector, we can build custom seals for them all.  We also have large flanges and portplates with multiple hermetic feedthroughs mounted onto the plate, which are tested and ready for installation.  The large conflat flanges often have tens to hundreds of connectors and wires sealed into them.

Custom Hermetic Seals

We can design and produce custom seals for every industry from medical facilities and labs to airport equipment. Every custom hermetic seal we manufacture goes through a rigorous test process, including pressure leak tests, helium testing, high voltage testing, and/or continuity testing. This ensures every seal we ship is robust.

We seal all types of cables, including coaxial, twisted pair, multiconductor, fiber optic, shielded cables, and even multiple shields like HDMI and triax cables. If you need a custom vacuum cable seal, we offer flexible, cost-effective designs manufactured to the exact specifications of your project. Please refer to Custom Cable Seals for further information.

Custom Epoxy Seals

Epoxy custom seals have outgassing and leak rates as low as ceramic seals but with even better flexibility in low and high volume needs. The expoxy seals can effectively seal gases and fluids, including helium gas, with very low helium gas rates. Epoxy seals are the best choice for custom shapes and designs.

With excellent resistance to oils and gasoline, epoxy seals are also the ideal choice for energy, aerospace, and automotive industries with the ability to withstand high pressure and temperatures ranging from -100C to 250C.

Epoxy hermetic seals even come with the design flexibility to seal copper alloy pins or wires rather than using the far less electrically conductive nickel-iron pins used in glass hermetic seals. Epoxy seals can be routed through tight spaces and angles, tightly seal any feedthrough shape, and handle any type of cable or wire. They are frequently used to solve design challenges that can’t be addressed easily with glass or ceramic seals.

Custom Epoxy Seal

Custom hermetic epoxy seal

When you e-mail us your custom seal enquiry, please provide as many relevant details as possible, such as:

  • Connector Type
  • Pressure or Vacuum level
  • Gases or liquids that will be in contact with the system
  • Temperature range
  • Electrical requirements
  • Frequency of the system
  • Wire or cable length and gauge
  • Number of conductors

If you can give us as much information as possible with regards to the above bullet points, this will help us to ascertain whether we have an off-the shelf option for you or if you would require a custom seal.  An idea of quantity and lead time required would also be very useful.

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If you have an existing connector, wire or cable in your system that you require sealed or you need a prototype or assistance designing a custom seal for your application, please e-mail us: [email protected] or phone 01494 791336. Our sales team will be happy to assist you with your project.

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If you’re unsure of what type of product you need, have a specific requirement, or simply can’t find a particular connector, our friendly in-house experts will be able to assist you.