Custom Hermetic Vacuum Flanges

Hermetically sealed custom vacuum flanges are one of our specialities and they are very popular in military, aerospace, space simulation and University laboratories. Our custom vacuum flanges are recognised for their reliability, durability and performance.

The custom vacuum flanges are used to create a connection between equipment inside a vacuum chamber and the outside world. The custom vacuum flanges can have a multitude of hermetic feedthrough connectors pre-assembled onto plates/flanges as per customer specifications.

Our engineering and manufacturing team have the capabilities to produce the ideal vacuum flange, fitted with all of your feedthroughs to offer improved value and performance and ultimately the ideal solution to meet your requirements.

Types of Custom Hermetic Vacuum Flange

Custom hermetic vacuum flanges can be pre-assembled with wire or connector feedthroughs that your application specifies for your vacuum chamber. Some flange examples:

  • CF Custom Flange – Otherwise known as a Conflat Flange, for processes requiring high vacuum pressures, down to 10-12 Torr
  • KF or Quick Custom Flange – For high vacuum pressures down to 10-9 Torr. Sizes are KF10, KF16, KF25, KF40 and KF50.
  • ISO Custom Flange – For high vacuum pressures down to 10-6 Torr.


Vacuum Flange Design Concept

Our engineering team are ready to assist you with your custom vacuum flange and they can offer guidance and recommendations for the optimum custom vacuum flange design. We require some information from your team to outline:

  • Type of flange: CF (Conflat), ISO-K, KF / QF (if known)
  • If not – Approx. Size of flange required
  • Material of flange
  • How many connectors
  • What type of connectors (D-Sub feedthrough –standard or high density, Coax feedthrough, Thermocouple feedthrough)
  • Connector orientation of gender for vacuum / air side? eg 15 pin D-sub Male to Female – male vacuum side, female air side.
  • Layout preference (either a sketch or detailed drawing)
  • Vacuum / pressure level
  • Gases / Liquids present
  • Temperatures subjected to

When our engineering team have all of the information required, we will then send a formal quotation and lead time.

Custom Vacuum Flange Design

When you are 100% happy with your custom vacuum flange requirements, our engineering team will then get to work generating a detailed engineering drawing. This will be sent to you, to review and approve. If there are any alterations required to ensure the perfect solution, we can accommodate this for you.

Custom Hermetic Vacuum Flange Design

Custom Flange Production and Testing

On receipt of your order and all approvals from you, our team will commence with production. All custom flanges are 100% leak tested prior to ensure unbeatable quality.

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