ERNI Microspeed Power Modules

The MicroSpeed Power Module connectors unique feature, is its high current carrying capacity in comparison to its small size.  The connectors are ideally suited for use with small, high performance devices such as CPU’s, drives, LCD panels etc.  With a 2.0mm pitch, it is a miniature, high reliability power connector and offers a large number of possibilities for mezzanine applications.

Stacking Heights

The male and female connectors have numerous height versions, which enables the MicroSpeed power modules to achieve stacking heights from 5mm to 20mm.

Subsequently, almost every need for different PCB arrangements can be addressed.


MicroSpeed Power module connectors are ideal for applications where compact, high-performing elements need to be supplied reliably with electrical energy. 

They are readily used in automation, telecommunication, measurement technology and medical technology applications.  The integrated 3-point female contact ensures low contact resistance and secure contacting throughout the entire life cycle of the connector.

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  • Available in 5pin Male and Female connectors.
  • Variety of height variations: Male 1, 2, 9, 10mm Female 4, 6, 8, 10mm, enables stacking heights from 5mm to 20mm.
  • The layout is designed with an optimal solder pad size to guarantee high retention forces.
  • The connectors are equipped with polarized positioning pegs.

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