ERNI Modular Jacks

Modular Jacks have been used in the communications and information industry for many years due to their simplicity and reliability.  Todays electronic system packages are getting smaller, whilst performance standards continue to rise.  Consequently, applications that use integrated magnetics are becoming more popular.  When the magnetic components are integrated, this reduces both interference sensitivity and board surface requirements.  The filter elements are integrated without any changes to the size of the jack housing.


In control and communication technology Modular Jacks are one of the most frequently used type of connectors.  It is compact and also simple to handle and enables high transmission rates up to the Gigabit range. 

Modular Jacks can also be found frequently in industrial environments. They are used for data transmission of industrial applications, such as automation systems or control systems. Other areas of application are medical and measurement technology. Thanks to the PoE standards (Power over Ethernet), Modular Jack connectors are also suitable for applications in the transmission of electrical energy.

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  • compliance with Ethernet standards
  • data rates in the Gigabit range
  • integrated  filter components
  • shielding for high signal quality
  • angled and straight shapes
  • integrated  LED displays
  • RJ11 and RJ45 sizes
  • THT, THR, SMT termination
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)

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