Positronic Front Runner

Positronic Front Runner series part numbers start with the FR prefix.  It is a high performance and high reliability connector and suits the requirements of Medical, Transportation, Industrial Control, and Avionics applications.  Because they lack metal shells but do feature special seals, these durable connectors are a popular choice in a variety of applications.

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Positronic Front Runner General Product Information


  • Composite components.
  • Lightweight and non-corrodible.
  • Contacts machined from solid copper alloy.
  • Sixteen (16) contact arrangements from 3 to 29 contacts.
  • Two level sequential mating of contacts.
  • A mix of power and signal contacts in Sizes 12, 16, 20, and 22. Crimp removable contacts and printed board straight and right angle terminations.
  • Mounting options include flange and jam nut or printed circuit board mount.
  • Environmental version provides dust and water ingress protection to I.E.C. IP67 (1 meter immersion for 30 minutes in mated condition).
  • EMI/RFI shielded version, electroless nickel plated plastic.
  • Easy contact servicing – rear insertion/front release contact retention system.
  • Threaded coupling nut system.

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