American / US Power Cords

American / US Power Cords (USA mains power cables) are available from Jacarem in bulk (usually sold as 100 pieces minimum and usually 500 / 1000 on pallets).

Our standard products are:

NEMA 5-15P – IEC C13 Cable SVT 18AWG Black

NEMA 1-15P – IEC C7 Cable SPT-2 18AWG Black

NEMA 5-15P – IEC C5 Cable SVT 18AWG Black

Nema 5-15P – IEC C19

The standard length sold is 2 metres for the US power cords.


US Nema 1-15P plug to IEC C7

  • US Nema 1-15P plug to IEC C7 connector, Full UL & CSA approvals

US Nema 5-15P plug to IEC C13 US power cord

  • US Nema 5-15P plug to IEC C13 connector 3x18AWG 2m black

US Power Cords – Nema 5-15P to IEC C5

  • US Nema 5-15P plug to IEC C5 connector, Full UL & CSA approvals

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Finally, we also have UK mains Leads, Euro Power Cables, IEC Extension Cables and Other IEC cables, such as: IEC C5 Cloverleaf, IEC C7 Figure 8, IEC C15 Hot condition and IEC C19 Power leads.  Contact our team with your enquiry today.

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