CONEC D-Sub Hoods and Accessories

CONEC D-Sub Hoods and Accessories include shielded hoods made of metal, plastic, metallized plastic, and plastic with metal inserts. The diversity of different applications and market requirements makes it necessary to offer a comprehensive line of hoods and backshells.

The CONEC SnapLock is the most popular d-sub hood system, which enables a quick and easy locking and unlocking without additional tools.

The various caps, hardware, and latches are available for use with these D-sub connectors, whether standard, high density, combination, or filter designs are selected.

Technical Support
Jacarem has been a Conec distributor since 2007, so our team have an abundance of knowledge to assist with your Conec d-sub hoods and accessory requirements.

Conec D-Sub accessories and mounting hardware examples:

  • Hex Locking Screws and hardware
  • Slide-lock with locking bolts
  • Snap locking system
  • Spring Locking
  • Plastic dust caps in various sizes
  • Shielded plastic cap for EMI/RFI as well as ESD resistant and anti-static
  • Covered screen cap for EMI/RFI
  • Water resistant shielded caps for EMI/RFI
  • Rubber boot for water resistant D-sub hoods and sealing grommet for front panel mounted water-resistant D-sub hoods.

The Conec accessories are available in plastic, steel or stainless steel, as well as M3 or 4-40 UNC thread designs and are deliverable as standard or on request.

Data Sheets & Resources

Conec DSUB Hoods and Accessories Brochure
Conec D-SUB Hoods and Accessories Brochure

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