Positronic Dual Port Connectors

Positronic Dual Port/Stacked series part numbers start with the DPB, DDB and XDB Prefixes.

The Positronic Dual Port D-Sub connector series utilizes two D-sub connectors, vertically stacked and assembled into a single connector unit, which permits saving of panel and printed board space.

Final assembly costs are reduced by condensing two assembly movements into one movement.

Connector contact variants are 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50. Connector genders may be mixed, i.e., one male and one female connector within one Dual Port assembly.

The connector may also be partially populated with contacts which are installed in the connector body to customer selected contact positions, thereby reducing connector costs.

Dual Port Series connectors are professional quality connectors recommended for use in sheltered, non-corrosive indoor or outdoor environments having normal ventilation.

Dual Port series connectors comply with the dimensional and performance requirements of IEC 60807-2 Performance Level Two and dimensional requirements of MIL-DTL-24308.

Dual Port Connector Options:

DPB – DPB series are standard density connectors.

DDB – DDB series are high density connectors.

XDB – XDB series are available as standard & high density connectors.

Data Sheets & Resources

Positronic XDB Dual Port Brochure
Positronic DPB Dual Port Brochure
Positronic DDB Dual Port Brochure

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