ERNI Microstac Connectors

The ERNI MicroStac connector series features hermaphroditic mating design within a pitch of 0.8 mm.  Connectors and their mating connectors are identical. This reduces the bill of materials and also storage and handling costs.  The connectors are available in single-row and double-row variants.

The design calls for fast automatic Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly.  MicroStac connectors are available for Board-to-Board heights of 3 mm and 5 mm. Despite their small size, MicroStac connector contacts offer large radiating surfaces to provide a high current rating.  A secure mating of 1.5 millimetres and the high contact force ensure reliability.

Technical Specification

For the full technical data, please refer to the MicroStac catalogue.

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MicroStac connectors are most readily used in industrial automation applications, such as, in controls, in drives and in robotics.

They are also used in measurement technology, data transmission and medicine.  These demanding applications require good current carrying capacity and reliability.  

Industrial communication and networking are other popular applications.

Data Sheets & Resources

ERNI - Microstac Connectors


  • A hermaphroditic design, the connector and counter connector are identical with two contact points.
  • Number of pins: Single row: 6, 9, 10, 12 and 14pins, Double row: 50 and 54 pin
  • SMT process compatible
  • Positioning pegs
  • Polarization and pre-alignment while mating.
  • Black insulation body and silver terminals for optical vision.

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