Positronic Great Golden

The Positronic Great Golden GG series power connectors have the ability to carry the most power. The Positronic GG series is a larger, higher power version of the versatile Goldfish Power series, which with the modular contact arrangements, blind mate and hot-swap functionality is an ideal choice for high power connectors. Multiple contact sizes and sequential mating facilitate the mixing of AC/DC input, signal and DC distributed output in a single package, with the safety capped size 0 contacts accommodating up to a continuous 200A. The Positronic GG Connector is a connector powerhouse. It can produce up to 800 amps in a current dense 118mm-wide housing. The customer can choose one of five modules for each of the four insert positions.

Technical Support

Jacarem has been a Positronic distributor since 1987, so our team have an abundance of knowledge to assist with your Positronic Great Golden connector designs.


  • EV power inputs
  • Power distribution units 
  • Medical scanners.

Data Sheets & Resources

GG Positronic Great Golden
Positronic Great Golden GG series


  • Modular design with a fixed envelope and 256x possible versions
  • Hot plug-blind mating, guides allow for misalignment up to 4.50mm
  • Free-cable, panel mount body
  • Extreme power and signal control
  • One-piece insulator
  • Optional locking system
  • Optional hood with cable clamp for cable halves
  • “Safety Feature” contacts (20, 16, 12, 8, and 0 sized)
  • RoHS compliant

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