Positronic Slim Power

Positronic slim power rectangular connectors are low-profile, stackable power connectors.

GF and GFPL Series connectors are narrow in width with countersunk side mounting holes. This allows for exceptionally low profile mounting capabilities. Connectors can be stacked side by side, joined by a centre screw enabling a “build your own connector” concept with numerous options for polarization.

GF series connectors offer wire and straight solder termination options, while GFPL connectors have a right-angle solder termination option.

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Positronic Slim Power GFPL Series


Features of Positronic Slim Power Connectors:

  • Low-profile design
  • Solid machined size 20 contacts for high reliability
  • Available in straight and right angle solder and solder cup terminations
  • Stackable design allows for flexibility
  • Numerous options for polarization
  • Contact current ratings to 7.5 amperes maximum

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