Positronic Talon Mini

Positronic Talon Mini allows the user to push more power and performance through a smaller space.    The miniature size coupled with its hybrid inserts allows the user to push the limits.  A metal high-reliability circular connector for power and signal use including GbE with a quarter-turn coupling nut.  The Positronic Talon Mini series was designed specifically for the hydraulic actuation of business class seats in commercial aircraft.  Their IP65 interfacial seal makes them waterproof in the mating area, which is necessary to protect against spilled drinks in the passenger area.

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Talon Mini Positronic General Information


The Talon Mini also boasts a variety of desirable features including: 

A 360 degree banding shelf near the wire exit 

An audible and tactile ‘click’ 

A knurled, quarter-turn coupling nut

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