Coaxial Hermetically Sealed Feedthrough BNC, SMA, TRIAX

Our experienced engineering team are ready to assist you with all of your coaxial feedthrough requirements.    We usually carry BNC feedthroughs, SMC feedthroughs and TRIAX feedthroughs in stock.  Whether it is for a prototype, small or large quantity or a coaxial feedthrough mounted into a flange, our team will be happy to assist you.

Coaxial Feedthroughs

Coaxial feedthroughs are connectors that are usually used for transmitting high-frequency signals up to 10GHz and beyond.  Coaxial feedthroughs consist of two concentric conductor paths.  The inner conductor serves as a current-carrying contact and is electrically isolated from the vacuum flange by the outer tubular conductor that serves as an electromagnetic shield.  Product variations are available with non-grounded (floating) shield, by using an additional insulated ring.  The outer conducting surface can prevent radio frequency noise from passing to or from the central conductor.


Types of Coaxial Feedthrough

Standard coaxial feedthroughs include BNC, SMA, SMB, MHV, SHV, HN, Triax, Microdot and N type.

  • BNC Feedthrough

Bayonet Naval Connector (BNC) feedthroughs are the most popular RF coaxial feedthroughs and are typically used for connecting radio frequency electronic equipment with miniature to sub-miniature coaxial cable.  BNC feedthroughs are commonly used for low power transmission and can transmit voltages up to 500V DC.  Whether you require 1 BNC feedthrough or a number of BNC feedthroughs sealed into a flange, we will have the solution.

  • SMA Feedthrough

SMA (Subminiature Type A) feedthroughs are based on a simple coaxial configuration.  The SMA feedthrough has a compact design and is ideally suited for high frequency, signal transmission applications above 10 GHz.  SMA feedthroughs are most commonly used in applications such as radio communications and microwave systems.

  • Type N Feedthrough

Type N coaxial feedthroughs are commonly used medium size connectors for voltages up to 1.5 Kv.  Instrumentation feedthroughs with Type N high power and frequency connectivity are available as single or double ended units.  The threaded coupling on the Type N feedthrough enables low noise and increased resistance to shock and vibration.

  • MHV Feedthrough

MHV (Miniature High Voltage) RF Coaxial Feedthroughs are similar to BNC Feedthroughs, with the exception of voltage ratings.  MHV feedthroughs are typically used for high voltage applications up to 5000V and 3A, so the MHV feedthroughs are not compatible with BNC Feedthroughs as their electrical ratings are not compatible with one another.  MHV feedthroughs are often used in conjunction with low noise 50Ohm instrumentation lines (instrumentation feedthroughs).  MHV Feedthroughs are offered as single or double ended with grounding or floated shield.

  • SHV Feedthrough

SHV (Safe High Voltage) Feedthroughs are instrumentation feedthroughs with a higher level of interface characteristics than MHV feedthroughs.  Different designs are available from 5Kv TO 20 kV DC.  Single and double ended configurations are available and these are also available on CF and KF Flanges.

  • HN Feedthroughs

Type HN instrumentation feedthroughs comply with type N feedthroughs although they have been designed for higher voltages up to 7000V (7Kv).  Type HN Feedthroughs are available as flange mounted versions.  The Type HN feedthroughs are ideally suited for high frequency signal transmission or for fast rise time pulses for data transmission.  

  • Triaxial Feedthrough

Triaxial feedthroughs are designed for use with cable which has a shielded conductor, which is itself surrounded by a second isolated shield. The conductor and inner shield have insulated paths through the feedthrough while the outer second shield is connected to ground. This is the ideal component for low current or voltage measurements, where high accuracy and lowest disruption of the signal are required. For example, this component can be used for accurate beam positioning for synchrotron type applications.  Triaxial Feedthroughs are available as flange mounted versions, so please contact us for your custom requirement.

Our experienced engineering team are ready to assist you with all of your coaxial feedthrough requirements.  Whether it is for a prototype, small or large quantity or a coaxial feedthrough mounted into a flange, our team will be happy to assist you.

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