Hermetically Sealed Fibre Optic Feedthrough

Hermetically sealed fibre optic feedthroughs allow optical fibres to get signals out or to bring light to the right point in the vacuum chamber or hermetically sealed vessel.

We offer fibre optic vacuum feedthroughs with single mode and multimode fibres and customised fibre cables.  If you have non-standard fibres, we can engineer a custom solution specifically for your application.

Applications for Fibre Optic Feedthroughs

Fibre Optic feedthroughs are used in spectroscopic applications like plasma spectroscopy or white light spectroscopy.

Single mode fibres are commonly used in interferometric displacement measurement whilst multimode fibres are often used for confocal metrology.

Optical fibre feedthroughs do not conduct electricity, so they can be used in the automotive and aerospace industries without the concern of conducting electricity in engines or near fuel.

Fibre optic feedthroughs are suitable for use in various other areas of industrial applications, including Oil and Gas.

Fibre Optic feedthrough Advantages

Fibre optic vacuum feedthroughs provide a simple way to use optical fibres with vacuum and pressure chambers.  This technology comes with many advantages, especially compared to copper wire feedthroughs.

A hermetically sealed fibre optic feedthrough maintains vacuum and pressure in both directions.  Fibre optic feedthroughs allow data to be transferred over a longer distance than a traditional cable feedthrough, especially when cables are bundled. Fibre optic feedthroughs also weigh less than copper alternatives.  The cost of copper continues to rise while optical fibre becomes more affordable than ever, so fibre optic feedthroughs represent a long-term economical solution for many applications.

Details required for a fibre optic feedthrough

Our feedthroughs are designed for industry standard connectors like FSMA and FC/PC.  We can also manufacture our fibre optic feedthroughs in CF (Conflat Flange), KF (Klein Flange) etc.  Please contact us with the following details if you require a quotation:

  1. Environment
  2. Housing type (if known) eg
  3. Type of fibre including jacket and terminations
  4. Length on each side of the feedthrough

You will receive the full support of our engineering team to create the perfect hermetically sealed fibre optic feedthrough for your application.

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