Emulation Technology Pogo Pins & Spring Loaded Contacts

Spring-loaded pogo pins and spring-loaded contacts are high-quality, precision-made pins which are available in a variety of lengths, diameters and plunger types to accommodate your needs.  A wide range of pogo pins and spring loaded contacts are available for use in a huge range of applications across Aerospace, Medical, Industrial, Communications, Defence and Transportation industries.  

Standard pogo pins are available from stock but custom designed spring loaded contacts are also available upon request.  There are single and double plunger styles and non-magnetic pins are available.

Design a Pogo Pin for your application

To select a pogo pin that meets your specifications, we will require the following information from you:


A = Overall Length (mm)
B = Barrel Length (mm)
C = Barrel Dia. (mm)

Refer to Plunger Shape Key (see diagram below)
D = PCB Side Plunger Shape
E = DUT Side Plunger Shape

Choose the appropriate matching plunger shape indicated above for PCB-side and DUT-side contacts.

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