Sonitron Piezoceramic Speakers & Amplifiers

Sonitron Piezo Ceramic Speakers and amplifiers are available from Jacarem. Sonitron piezo audio speakers and amplifiers are the perfect answer for audio sound, voice messages and complex audio information into portable devices. Sonitron developed a new principle of piezoceramics where the composite polymer / metal membrane reduces unwanted resonance peaks to provide a more even frequency response than can be achieved with conventional designs. High sound quality and low distortion guarantee perfect reproduction or music and speech.

Technical Support
Jacarem has been a Sonitron distributor since 2010, so our team have an abundance of knowledge to assist with your Sonitron piezoceramic speakers & amplifier requirements.

SCS & SPS Speakers

SCS Piezo Ceramic Speakers

The SCS-series has good sound quality and limited distortion guarantees a clear reproduction of multiple tones. The piezo speaker has 60 % more net sound output per membrane surface than the electro-dynamic speaker in the function of the average current drain and average sound pressure level.

SPS Speakers

Polymer/metal Speakers (SPS) produce high sound quality with low distortion and guarantee the perfect reproduction of music and speech. They have a very flat design and are delivered with an open front. They can be used in difficult environmental conditions and applications because of resistance of the front to water, humidity, vibrations, and dust.

Data Sheets & Resources

Sonitron SCS Piezoceramic Speakers
Sonitron Piezo Speakers Amplifiers

Blue Line SPS Speakers & Audio Amplifiers

Blue Line SPS Piezoceramic Speakers

Blue line SPS Piezoceramic speaker series is designed for a broad range of applications. Equipped with a high power adhesive tape and soldering connection pads the speaker is ready for easy mounting and fast production in every application.  These series are reproducing sound signals at very low distortion (below 1%) and broad frequency range. The casing is designed to avoid sound wave reflection in the air outlet. The power consumption and current drain are extremely low over the entire frequency response range.

Piezo Audio Amplifiers

Piezo Audio Amplifiers series are a total solution to drive piezoceramic sound components. A range of different PCB sizes, amplifier topologies and maximum voltage peak to peak outputs, cover a wide solution to piezo audio amplification.  Piezo audio amplifiers are designed to handle capacitive loads and have the possibility to deliver large voltages peak to peak over the complete audio frequency range. The PAA-series give a quality amplifier where a quality sound is needed.

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For further information please contact our team of technical experts who can assist you with your Sonitron Piezoceramic Speakers & Amplifier requirements and find the best solution for your application. If you require a price or lead time, please e-mail [email protected] or phone 01494 791336.

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