Who Are Positronic?

Founded in 1966 by Jack Gentry, Positronic has emerged as a global leader in the electronic connectors industry, earning a reputation for excellence and innovation. With a commitment to delivering cutting-edge connectivity solutions, Positronic has become one of the largest suppliers of electronic connectors worldwide. The extensive product line offered by Positronic is known for its high reliability, providing efficient and dependable solutions tailored to the unique requirements of diverse industries and applications.

Product Range

Jacarem is able to provide a wide range of Positronic connectors to customers across the globe. As a Positronic distributor Jacarem have access to the three ranges of Positronic products; Hermetic Range, Power Connectors and D-Sub Connectors. Take a look at the range of featured Positronic products above, or get in touch if you’re unable to locate the specific Positronic product you’re looking for.

Industries & Applications

From aerospace and military applications to medical and industrial sectors, Positronic connectors cater to a wide array of industries, ensuring seamless and reliable connectivity. They are able to meet various industrial and military performance levels. As authorised Positronic distributors we have extensive knowledge of the product range and are able to provide advice and recommendations based on your industry and/or application.

Jacarem has supplied Positronic connectors to a range of industries including but not limited to; aerospace, military, commercial aerospace, medical, industrial and rail.

Positronic Connectors Distributor – Why Choose Jacarem?

As a trusted authorised Positronic distributor, Jacarem provides unparalleled insight into the complete range of Positronic connectors. Our partnership with Positronic enables us to offer customers a comprehensive understanding of the advanced features and capabilities embedded in Positronic’s connector technology.

We understand the significance of cost-effectiveness in today’s competitive market, and our status as an authorised Positronic distributor allows us to offer great price breaks on minimum order quantity (MOQ) orders. This ensures that our customers not only benefit from top-tier Positronic connectors but also enjoy cost savings that contribute to the overall efficiency of their projects.

Our team of experts are readily available to provide you with support and guidance in selecting the most suitable Positronic connectors for your specific applications. Whether you require connectors for mission-critical aerospace systems or intricate medical devices, our in-depth knowledge of Positronic connectors will ensure that you receive the right solution for your application. If you would like a quotation or would like to speak to an expert about Positronic’s products, please contact us.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you’re unsure of what type of product you need, have a specific requirement, or simply can’t find a particular connector, our friendly in-house experts will be able to assist you.