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Our Logo is the shape of a ‘D’ Sub! One speciality at Jacarem is our vast knowledge of D-Sub Connectors. We enjoy assisting design engineers all over the world, finding them the features required for their applications.  High reliability D-sub connectors are for general signal use in industrial and mil/aero applications. They are available in standard density, high density, combo-d and dual port packages.  Blind mating and sequential mating are often popular options with design engineers.

Vacuum side D-Sub Connectors – Jacarem stock the standard and high density versions in stainless steel to support a wide range of customers in the UK. We also stock the standard contacts and have thermocouple contacts available.

Space Grade D-Sub Connectors (pictured) are high performance and used in space flight applications where non-outgassing and low-magnetic characteristics are required. Posiband closed entry gold contacts from Positronic are the preferred choice for engineers.

Do you require a D-sub?
Do you need a Combination D-Sub Connector, which satisfies Power, signal, coax, high voltage and fiber optic needs? 

Do you have a requirement for a Dual Port (stacked) D-Sub Connector?

Do you have a High Vacuum application where you require air side d-sub connectors and standard density vacuum d-subs or high density vacuum side d-sub connectors?
Do you require a space-flight D-Sub connector?

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If you’re unsure of what type of product you need, have a specific requirement, or simply can’t find a particular connector, our friendly in-house experts will be able to assist you.