CONEC Filter D-Sub Connectors

CONEC filter D-sub connectors contribute to the protection of EMC zones. At increasing data transfer rates and operating frequencies, it becomes increasingly important to safeguard the function of electrical devices and systems so that operation can be free of interference. The integrated filter inside the connector saves PCB-space and can be installed into an existing PCB layout.

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Jacarem has been a Conec distributor since 2007, so our team have an abundance of knowledge to assist with your Conec Filter d-sub connector designs.

Connector Options

In some cases EMC problems do not become apparent until after a device has been put into service where it is exposed to interference in its installed location. To replace an unfiltered connector with a filtered one is simple and effective.

Conec Filter D-Sub Connector Options

One of the standard filters offered by CONEC is the “C filter”. Depending on the problem situations, other possible variations can be employed; a two-stage LC filter and a three stage PI filter (C-L-C) are also available in various connector configurations within the standard product line.

There are also filtered Combination D-Sub connectors and IP67 Filtered d-sub connectors, so there are a variety of options for all applications.

Data Sheets & Resources

Conec IP67 Filter D-SUB Connectors Brochure
Conec Filter D-SUB Connectors Brochure
Conec Filter Combination D-SUB Connectors Brochure

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