Positronic Scorpion

Positronic Scorpion is a high current modular power connector. Scorpion provides the flexibility to configure the connector to meet your specifications, the difference is how Positronic builds the final connector, using their innovative tooling and injection moulding process. The Positronic Scorpion series can be configured for use as a power connector, a signal connector or as a combination of the two in an almost endless variety of power/signal contact configurations. The result is a one-piece insulator with machined contacts, ready to perform. Positronic Scorpion series part numbers start with the SP and LSP prefixes.

Technical Support

Jacarem has been a Positronic distributor since 1987, so our team have an abundance of knowledge to assist with your Scorpion connector designs.

Connector Options

Low Profile Scorpion (LSP)

The low profile Scorpion is a slim, modular, power and signal connector.  

The low profile Scorpion is the 8.20mm low-profile version of the popular Positronic Scorpion series. The Scorpion product is unique for three key reasons:

  1. Its modular tool design allows for a nearly limitless variety of customer-defined contact arrangements
  2. The moulding process yields a one piece insulator
  3. The customer can define the connector width as long as the maximum envelope of 101.00mm is not exceeded. The Positronic Scorpion series is the solution to maximize power throughput and minimise space claim.

Positronic Scorpion provides the user flexibility to configure the connector to meet your specifications.  With 35+ modules, customers have vast options for power and signal contact configurations.  The final power connector is a one-piece insulator with machined contacts, tailored to meet your custom requirements.

  • Rated up to 100 amperes per contact plus ability to add signal contacts and a variety of accessories.
  • Blank modules for greater creepage and clearance to suit higher voltage needs.
  • Unique locking/guide systems for blind mating, float mount, and cable connector options.

Data Sheets & Resources

SP Positronic Scorpion
Positronic Scorpion Modular Power, Signal Connectors
LSP Positronic Scorpion
Low Profile Scorpion Slim Modular Power & Signal Contact Connectors


Positronic Scorpion connectors feature four power contact options: 55 amps, 38 amps, 12 amps and 3 amps versions plus high density signal lines.  The Positronic Low Profile Scorpion connectors offer blind mating, float- or panel-mount designs, and a unique locking system.  There is a ventilation option to offer increased air cooling.

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