Emulation Technology MICTOR Breakout Adapters & Cables

Mictor breakout adapters and cables support various Agilent single-ended probes designed for connection to Tyco/AMP’s 2-767004-2 MICTOR connector or through flying leads. The adapters permit system designers the ability to simultaneously connect a logic analyzer and oscilloscope, or any other pair of instruments which can connect to the MICTOR connector and header pins. Furthermore, for those system designers who have designed in the MICTOR connector onto their PCB but do not have the luxury of having Agilent’s MICTOR specific probes, these probing adapters easily allow flying lead or other generic probes to be used.  MICTOR breakouts are available in various sizes, ranging from 38 to 152 pins.

How the MICTOR Breakout Adapters Work

The BCM-038-MICTOR-0000 plugs directly into the MICTOR connector on the target PCB and reroutes the signals to another MICTOR connector as well as a set of headers on 0.1” spacing. This allows the Agilent probe and a second instrument, such as an oscilloscope, to connect simultaneously to the PCB for parallel logic analysis and signal fidelity observation.

The MIC-38-BREAKOUT or the MIC-38-SMTPADS, also plug directly into the MICTOR connector on the target PCB but reroute the signals only to 0.1” spaced headers or SMT pads, respectively. This is ideal for those engineers without access to a MICTOR specific probe, or who want to monitor the signals on other types of instruments. 


  • The MICTOR connector user can simultaneously perform logic analysis while viewing signal waveforms on an oscilloscope or other instrument.
  • The MICTOR connector user is not limited to test instruments designed specifically for attachment to the MICTOR connector.
  • Available with signal access via 0.025” square header pins or SMT pads spaced on 0.100” pitch.
  • Each signal pin number is silk-screened on the adapter for easy identification.
  • Cables in various configurations are available.

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