Sonitron Piezo Alarms & Sirens

Sonitron have a range of waterproof and IP67 piezo alarms and sirens which generate an acoustic warning signal in critical situations. They are especially designed to function from -40⁰C to +80⁰C offering a high lifetime of continuous operation.

Technical Support
Jacarem has been a Sonitron distributor since 2010, so our team have an abundance of knowledge to assist with your Sonitron piezo alarm & siren requirements.

SAS Piezo Alarm / Siren

Our SAS alarm is a thin piezoelectric siren with high sound pressure, low weight, and low current consumption. The sound output is a powerful, clear and less aggressive sweep signal. This series is made from high-quality materials, it offers extreme reliability and robustness, and features a lifetime of over 2000 hours in continuous use.

Applications for SAS Alarm:
All fire alarms, cars, and motor vehicles, automation equipment, security devices, etc.

SAP Piezo Alarm / Siren

The SAP series of piezo alarms generate an acoustic intermittent loud tone.

Applications for SAP Alarm<:/strong>
The SAP Alarms are installed at the back of a:

  • Van
  • Fork-lift
  • Lorry
  • Bus
  • Light commercial vehicle
  • Car
  • Light truck
  • Garbage truck
  • Electrical vehicles (golf, airport, warehouse,…)
  • Military vehicles

or any other vehicle that can move in reverse; thus alerting people that are approaching the vehicle.

Data Sheets & Resources

Sonitron SAS Piezo Alarm
Sonitron SAP Piezo Alarm
Sonitron SXL Piezo Alarms Sirens
Sonitron SMAC Alarms Sirens

SXL & SMAC Piezo Alarm

SXL Piezo Alarm / Siren

The SXL series presented in a standard series housing are used in conditions that require immediate attention-getting and action to prevent dramatic situations. The standard series are based on the highest piezo technology. They are considered as most robust series for industrial applications. The standard buzzers use a special shaped membrane (curved edge), which is fixed and glued into the housing. They are shockproof, as well as dust and waterproof (IP67).

SMAC Piezo Alarm / Siren

SMAC buzzers and transducers are the best piezo alarms for life-support systems and equipment. The SMAC series are very stable sound components with a lifetime of more than 1000 hours in continuous use.

Applications for the SMAC Piezo Alarms:
They are regularly used in small portable equipment as a critical alerting device.

  • Portable gas detectors
  • Medical monitoring equipment
  • Aircraft cockpit alarms
  • Car breaking alarms etc

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