The combination of superfast EtherCAT communication with the 24V power supply

EtherCAT P is the further development of the globally established and standardised EtherCAT technology. The special feature of EtherCAT-P is the combination of superfast EtherCAT communication with the 24 V power supply. Data and power (Us) for system and sensor supply with 24 V and 3 A are provided on a two-wire data pair.  The second data pair provides data and the peripheral voltage (Up) for the supply of the actuators. This direct coupling of the supply voltage to the 100 MBit line for EtherCAT-P enables a compact and cost-effective device interface.

Connection and Coding

In order to make it impossible to connect with other standardized M8x1 connector systems, a new coding has been developed for this application and standardized in IEC 60176-2-114 under the term
“P – Coding”. Special features of this coding are the red colouring of the contact carriers and the leading T-contour on the front face of the coupling contact carrier, which prevents connecting with other codings.


  • Very small connector system with small installation space for fieldbus transmission technology
  • Power and data on one data pair
  • Variable installation and connection options on the device side
  • Good chemical resistance of the connector
  • High degree of protection IP67
  • Robustness

Fields of application:

  • Drive technology
  • Communication technology
  • Automation technology
  • Machine manufacturing
  • Housing and device construction
  • Control technology
  • Industrial interfaces

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Positronic PCN 10629

PCN#: 10629

PCN TITLE: Part Marking Format Change for Select Connector Families within the Rectangular and D-Sub Categories



Rectangular Connector Category – Mini-Rectangular and Rugged Rack & Panel Families
D-Sub Connector Category – Standard Density, High Density, Combo-D, Mach-D, IP67 Waterproof, Dual Port, and Adaptor/Saver Families

NOTE: Connectors governed by external specifications including MIL-DTL-M24308, MIL-C-28748, and GSFC S-311, as well as connectors marked according to customer specifications are excluded from this PCN.

AFFECTED PART NUMBER(S): See affected parts list.

1. Company name “Positronic” will replace “P+” marking
2. Job number will be removed
3. Website “” will be removed

You can download the document which includes details of the affected part numbers here.

ESA Approved Positronic D-Sub Connectors

Jacarem is pleased to announce that we can now offer standard and high density D-Subminiature connectors and crimps that meet both ESA and NASA (Goddard Space Flight Centre S311) specifications. The ESA approval on the products, manufactured by Positronic Industries, now means that the SND and SDD series have been added to the European Preferred Parts List (EPPL). All the relevant part numbers are now listed in EPPL Table 2 (available on request). The products that have been added to the EPPL have press fit terminations for PCB installation as well as versions with crimp removable contacts.

Please contact Jacarem with your enquiry for a competitive quote and stock support, if required.

ESA Approved D-Sub Connectors – SND and SDD Positronic Connectors

For the SDD catalogue please click here.

Portplates and Flanges with hermetic feedthroughs

If you require large flanges and portplates with multiple hermetic feedthroughs mounted to the plate, tested and ready for installation, we can assist you with this. Please refer to our Custom Hermetic Vacuum Flange page for further information.

We create custom seals for nearly any connector, cable or wire, flex circuit, thermocouple, coax, fiber optic, computer equipment connectors and military connectors. Browse our Vacuum Feedthrough Connector page for further details. Whatever your custom seal requirement, e-mail: [email protected]

RJ45 Jack Hermetic Seals

Increased Stocks

We have increased our stocks of the RJ45 Hermetic Feedthroughs due to the demand over recent months.

If you require next day delivery on RJ45 Feedthroughs, we should be able to facilitate this for you (subject to the time the order is placed, etc).

Hermetic RJ45 jack to RJ45 jack in an SS housing with 1-14 UN X .95 thread.

Supplied with Viton o-ring & SS jam nut.

RJ45 Hermetic Seal – Testing

100% of parts are checked for quality, including dimensional inspection, visual workmanship, leak tested for a <1X10^-7 STD-CC/SEC leak rate or better, electrical hipot 100 VDC 100 MOhms, & continuity testing.

If you require a quotation or further information, please contact us.

RJ45 Sealed Feedthrough
RJ45 Feedthrough

Hermetic D-Sub Feedthroughs for Space or Vacuum

D-Subminiature feedthroughs for SPACE or INDUSTRIAL vacuum applications.

Both sides of the hermetic d-sub feedthrough contain four threaded mounting holes, an o-ring groove and fixed female jack screws. These features allow either side of the connector to be mounted toward the vacuum, giving the customer the ultimate in flexibility.

All connectors are 100 % leak tested after fabrication.  All d-sub hermetic feedthrough connectors utilize precision machined contacts for strength and durability. The materials and finishes, as well as the technical characteristics of the d-sub feedthrough connectors conform to MIL-DTL-24308, Goddard and the SPACE-D32 specifications.

Hermetic D-Sub Feedthroughs – Standard Density

With normal density insulators 9, 15, 25, 37, and 50 contacts (20 awg), we stock as standard, Male/Female d-sub feedthroughs.  We do offer both Male/Male and Female/Female d-sub feedthrough options although these will usually carry a slightly longer lead time.

For further information on our standard density hermetic d-sub feedthroughs, please find the following link:

Hermetic standard density d-sub feedthrough

Hermetic D sub feedthrough connectors
hermetic feedthrough dsub sealed

High Density Hermetic D-Sub Feedthrough Connectors

We supply high density insulators: 15, 26, 44, 62, 78 and 104 contacts (22 awg). The feedthroughs are Male/Female as standard.  The high density feedthroughs are generally found from stock at Jacarem in the smaller sizes.  The larger sizes of 78 and 104 tend to be on a lead time.

For further specifications and drawings, please refer to the following links:

Hermetic high density d-sub feedthrough

Mixed Combination D-Sub Feedthrough Connectors

We can also supply mixed contact combinations of d-sub feedthroughs. You can utilise power, coaxial or signal contacts or a mixed combination of these contacts all within a Male/Female feedthrough.

Thermocouple contact options are also available in standard density feedthroughs.  If you would like further information on these options, please contact us.

Hermetic D sub feedthrough mixed combination
thermocouple d-sub feedthrough
Flanges with d-sub feedthroughs

If you have a requirement for a custom flange with d-sub feedthroughs, please contact us for further information.

MIL-C-26482 UHV Feedthroughs

MIL-C-26482 UHV Feedthroughs are available with a commercial bayonet style connection on the air side and a threaded connection on the vacuum side, compatible with MIL-C-26482 standard.  Available with 10, 19, 26 or 32 pins. 3, 6 and 41 pin options available upon request and subject to moqs.

These Ultra High Vacuum Feedthrough connectors are highly resistant to mechanical and thermal shocks.  The working temperature is -40ºC to +250ºC and the leak rate is <5×10-10 mbar I/s He.

We can offer connectors to fit both the air side and vacuum side.

If you have MIL-C-26482 UHV Feedthrough requirements and you would like further information or technical assistance, please contact our sales team at: [email protected] or phone them on: 01494 791336

Spaceflight D-Sub Connectors

Our Spaceflight D-sub connectors are qualified to the Goddard Space Flight Centre S-311 and MIL-DTL-24308 Class M specifications.  The spaceflight d-sub connectors are also suitable for use in any application requiring high performance, non-outgassing and low magnetic characteristics.

The space flight connectors are available in standard density and feature fixed or removable contacts and -55°C to 125°C operating temperature. Five connector variants including 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50 pin versions and termination options of wire crimp or solder and straight or right angle PCB mount.

There are high density space flight connectors available with removable or fixed size 22 contacts.  There are six connector variants from 15 through to 104 contacts and these come with crimp, solder, straight and right angle contact terminations.

We also offer the combination space flight d-sub connectors in standard and high density. 

We offer gender changers from Positronic too that can be used with all of the above space connectors.

Space connectors are utilized within the electronic equipment in spacecraft or satellite applications.  Space connectors can’t just be small and lightweight, they have to be extremely reliable as well and they must be able to withstand severe environmental conditions like shock, extreme temperatures and vibration.  The D-Sub connectors have to meet stringent testing for outgassing and residual magnetism to be suitable for use in space applications. Outgassing and residual magnetism can adversely affect nearby components.  The connectors must be tested and approved by NASA or the European Space Agency (or the space agency of whatever country they will be representing).  Costs to launch a payload into space is directly related to the weight of that payload so lightweight connectors are desirable.

Our technical team will be able to assist you with your space qualified d-sub connector requirements.  Please e-mail [email protected] or phone 01494 791336 for further information or to request a visit to discuss your application.

D-Sub Connectors

Our Logo is the shape of a ‘D’ Sub! One speciality at Jacarem is our vast knowledge of D-Sub Connectors. We enjoy assisting design engineers all over the world, finding them the features required for their applications.  High reliability D-sub connectors are for general signal use in industrial and mil/aero applications. They are available in standard density, high density, combo-d and dual port packages.  Blind mating and sequential mating are often popular options with design engineers.

Vacuum side D-Sub Connectors – Jacarem stock the standard and high density versions in stainless steel to support a wide range of customers in the UK. We also stock the standard contacts and have thermocouple contacts available.

Space Grade D-Sub Connectors (pictured) are high performance and used in space flight applications where non-outgassing and low-magnetic characteristics are required. Posiband closed entry gold contacts from Positronic are the preferred choice for engineers.

Do you require a D-sub?
Do you need a Combination D-Sub Connector, which satisfies Power, signal, coax, high voltage and fiber optic needs? 

Do you have a requirement for a Dual Port (stacked) D-Sub Connector?

Do you have a High Vacuum application where you require air side d-sub connectors and standard density vacuum d-subs or high density vacuum side d-sub connectors?
Do you require a space-flight D-Sub connector?

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PEEK D Sub connectors for UHV applications.

The PEEK D sub connector is a great addition to our range with a Vacuum range of 1×10-10 mbar. Available in 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50 pin. To view the PEEK D-Sub page please click here. To view the full range of Hermetic Connectors and Vacuum Feedthrough Connectors, please click here.

For a quote, to arrange a visit or for further information, please contact or phone 01494 791336

Automation Connector Solutions

Our connectors for industrial automation are reliable, efficient, space saving and have high signal integrity.  Our automation connector solutions can be used in applications such as PLC, DCS and Remote-I/O as well as Industrial Drive Technology.
In PLC, DCS and remote I/O systems, it is extremely important for data to be transmitted reliably and without disruption.
The following 4 connectors are recommended:
2) SMC
In Industrial Drive Technology developers of drive solutions are dependent on a large selection of connectors with different designs, heights and number of poles when implementing their projects. You must also ensure that the connector systems meet all requirements, even under harsh ambient conditions and high temperatures. In addition to good temperature resistance, high shock and vibration resistance is required. The 2 connectors that we recommend for drive applications are:
1) SMC
We offer suitable connector solutions of the highest quality for all of your automation applications. Please contact our sales team for further information, samples and quotes: 01494 791336 or [email protected]

Photoelectric sensors with BlueLight technology

Photoelectric sensors with BlueLight technology – offer greater detection efficiency than conventional red light proximity sensors when detecting dark or transparent objects. Sensors with BlueLight technology therefore prove a cost-efficient alternative to standard red light photoelectric sensors. For example, in the packaging industry, plastics industry, automotive industry, solar industry (wafers), beverage industry orin special purpose machine construction or laboratory automation. These new sensors with BlueLight technology enable optimum detection in even more applications: reliable detection of reflective surfaces even at wide angles, e.g. varnished wooden surfaces, coated metal and painted plastic parts detection of transparent objects without use of a reflector, e.g. film, Petri dishes and cannulae detection of very dark objects, e.g. solar wafers, foam and plastic. For more information on all of our sensors and sensor cables, please phone 01494 791336 or e-mail: [email protected].

Micro D and Nano D Cable Assembly

Micro D and Nano D Cable Assemblies are our ‘product of the month’ with enquiries for these d sub assemblies being higher than ever before.Micro D Cable Assembly – Contact spacing: 0.050″ (1.27mm)The micro d products are approved to MIL-83515 standard.  The Micro D range offers 2,3 and 4 rows with 9-100 contacts.  If you have a custom requirement for a micro d cable assembly, whether it is single or double ended, we will be able to assist you with the design and offer a solution.Nano D Cable Assembly – Contact spacing 0.025″ (0.636mm)The Nano d sub connectors are approved to MIL-32139 standard.  They offer the ultimate connector solution for the smallest and most demanding spaces.  1 row allows 9 to 51 contacts and 2 row allows 9 to 85 contacts.  If you have a Nano cable assembly requirement and you would like to discuss your options, please phone 01494 791336 or e-mail: [email protected]

MAC Modular Connector

The ODU MAC modular connector is popular as you can select all types of transmission and integrate them into your customized connection solution for automatic docking or manual mating. Whether you require signals, power, high current, high voltage, HF signals (coax), media such as air or fluid, high-speed data transmission, or fiber optics the MAC is flexible and can be adapted to your needs.Some examples applications of where the ODU MAC has been designed in:

Docking connector system for MRI applications

Docking connector system to connect the examination table to the MRI device. The pin is mounted on the examination table. The socket in the MRI device. The examination table is automatically connected to the MRI device by sliding the table into the device.

An ODU-MAC modular plug connector acts as the interface between the mobile X-ray device and the monitor trolley. It performs the high current, data and signal transmission.


This non-invasive instrument to stimulate the cortical neurons was developed to treat people suffering from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). The interface to transmit the power and the signal between the main device and the handpiece is an ODU-MAC in a DIN body, equipped with signal and high voltage contacts. The high requirements: at least 10,000 mating cycles in combination with high current transmission.


  • Spindle locking device for easy handling.
  • high mating cycles
  • high contact density

An ODU-MAC modular plug connector ensures the secure connection between the device and the applicator that sends out bundles sound waves of this orthopaedic therapy device.

For further information, to arrange a visit where we can show you samples or for pricing information, please e-mail [email protected] or call 01494 791336.

D-Sub Backshells – What you should consider

D-Sub hoods and D sub backshells play a vital role in protecting connectors and cables to ensure the overall product is reliable. Many people overlook them but they should be given greater consideration when designing products involving cable assemblies.Plastic Backshell, Metallised Plastic or Metal Backshells?Plastic D-sub backshells are the cheapest solution.  They do not offer any EMI/RFI shielding.  They are not as resistant to harsh environments as metalised plastic hoods and die-cast metal backshells.  Plastic backshells are usually used in less demanding applications where signal interference, vibration and shock are not needing consideration.  Plastic backshells are available in various sizes, accommodating standard D-sub connectors and high density D-Sub connectors. There are a large variety of cable exit and mounting hardware options.  Most plastic d-sub backshells are black in colour as standard but are generally available in a range of colours to make cable installations far easier.Metalized plastic backshells keep costs lower whilst providing abrasion resistance and shielding. This can often allow the user to design into applications with slightly more demanding operating environments than if they were to just use a plastic d-sub backshell.Metal backshells are often the most costly but they offer high reliability when being used in harsh environment applications.  They are most commonly zinc with nickel plating and provide excellent EMI/RFI shielding.  Other materials are aluminium with a nickel finish which is light weight, steel with a zinc plating or glass-filled polyester for vibration applications.If you have a rugged application, you should be able to fulfil your requirement with a metal d-sub hood as there are numerous sizes which can accommodate a standard d-sub or high density d-sub connector.Our D-Sub Backshell video can also give you a further insight into the possibilities available: Accessories, Locking and Mounting HardwareThere is a wide variety of locking and mounting hardware options available for your plastic backshells and metal backshells and the choice is usually application driven.Some d-sub backshells have external cable clamps or strain relief inserts which offer additional protection to prevent damage to wires and cable in harsh environments.Screw fixing or quick snap locking are the two main locking options.  The quick snap is ‘quick’ and consequently more economical.  The screw fixing hoods would be a more reliable option for a harsh environment.To secure the d-sub backshells to the panel mount connector, there are a number of options.  Using screws is the most reliable option and there are pan head screws which can be tightened with a slotted or Philips screwdriver.There are also thumbscrew options of either short jackscrews or long jackscrews (male or female) in plastic and metal that can be used.There are also spring clips and slide lock alternatives but these wouldn’t be recommended for more rugged applications. Factors to consider would include, how accessible the connection is, how often it will need to be plugged in and how much vibration is anticipated.There are hoods which can have the company logo added, so if the piece of equipment has the d-sub backshell on display, this might be a consideration.The ‘G’ D-Sub backshell from Positronic offers a crimp ferrule system and is recommended when maximising EMI/RFI protection.  It provides a low impedance connection of the cable shield to the backshell which remains constant over time.  The ferrule system provides an EMI/RFI tight exit point and it provides a high mechanical retention of the cable in the backshell. Cable EntryMost backshells offer one cable entry as standard but there are many options with two or three cable entry possibilities within the same d-sub backshell. The most common entries are the straight 180 and the right angle 90 entry.  The 45 cable entry is the next most popular and others are less common.  It is worth taking time to consider the correct d-sub backshell cable entry for the application, so as to ensure the product working reliably.  If the cables are bent at excessive angles, it can impact the mechanical longevity.  By obtaining the correct cable entry with the d-sub backshell, you can prevent degradation in signal integrity and shield effectiveness.It is equally as important to obtain the correct cable entry size for the overall diameter of your cable or wire.  With varying strain relief inserts, grommets and clamps being offered, you should be able to secure your cable effectively and thus reduce movement to offer further reliability.Final ChoiceThere are d-sub backshells available to fit all d-sub connectors from 9 way through to 104 way. Jacarem stock plastic d-sub hoods, Metal D-sub Hoods and Metallised Plastic D-Sub backshells from MH connectors.We also sell the very popular Positronic vacuum compatible D-sub backshells.If you require any assistance on deciphering the perfect hood for your application, please contact [email protected] or phone 01494 791336.  Our team will be happy to support you.

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If you’re unsure of what type of product you need, have a specific requirement, or simply can’t find a particular connector, our friendly in-house experts will be able to assist you.