The combination of superfast EtherCAT communication with the 24V power supply

EtherCAT P is the further development of the globally established and standardised EtherCAT technology. The special feature of EtherCAT-P is the combination of superfast EtherCAT communication with the 24 V power supply. Data and power (Us) for system and sensor supply with 24 V and 3 A are provided on a two-wire data pair.  The second data pair provides data and the peripheral voltage (Up) for the supply of the actuators. This direct coupling of the supply voltage to the 100 MBit line for EtherCAT-P enables a compact and cost-effective device interface.

Connection and Coding

In order to make it impossible to connect with other standardized M8x1 connector systems, a new coding has been developed for this application and standardized in IEC 60176-2-114 under the term
“P – Coding”. Special features of this coding are the red colouring of the contact carriers and the leading T-contour on the front face of the coupling contact carrier, which prevents connecting with other codings.


  • Very small connector system with small installation space for fieldbus transmission technology
  • Power and data on one data pair
  • Variable installation and connection options on the device side
  • Good chemical resistance of the connector
  • High degree of protection IP67
  • Robustness

Fields of application:

  • Drive technology
  • Communication technology
  • Automation technology
  • Machine manufacturing
  • Housing and device construction
  • Control technology
  • Industrial interfaces

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