CONEC PCB Connectors

Conec offers a broad portfolio of PCB connectors for board level. Part of this range are Compact PCi, AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA, and DIN EN 60603-2 (DIN 41612). Optionally and depending on the connector type, models with turned or stamped contacts in soldering, press-in or crimp technology are available.

Technical Support
Jacarem has been a Conec distributor since 2007, so our team have an abundance of knowledge to assist with your Conec PCB connector designs.

Types of Conec PCB Connectors

Advanced TCA Connectors

ATCA stands for: Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture. The basic structure is utilising a modular concept. Application of this new structured approach allows various module designs that are compatible in layout and mechanical installation.

Micro TCA Connectors

The MicroTCA system was developed beside the AdvancedTCA system to meet compact and cost effective requirements.  MicroTCA systems are modular constructed. The standard system configuration can consist of up to two Power Modules (PM’s), two MicroTCA carrier hubs (MCH’s) and up to 12 Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMC’s).

CompactPCI Connectors

Compact PCI Bus structure. ‘PCI‘ as it is known today stands for: Peripheral Component Interconnect.  CONEC is a member of the PICMG Group and has developed the 47 positions power connector types, adhering to the specifications outlined in PICMG 2.11 R1.0. Telecom, datacom, computer, medical, instrumentation and industrial control manufacturers are implementing the Compact PCI Bus structure.

DIN 41612 Connectors

The standard for PCB connectors has been set by the DIN EN 60603-2 two piece connectors. Todays high density packing applications, combined with high speed logic circuits, demand a high reliability interconnection system. The series is also known as Euro Card Connectors, gained popularity due to the similarity with 19″ rack mounted designs. The product family has grown over the years since it was first introduced and offers significant improvements in performance and design over other printed circuit connectors. High contact density, low mating force, two piece protective design and many contact termination styles offer unlimited design applications.

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Conec PCB Connectors Brochure

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