Vacuum and Air Side D-Sub Backshells

We have a range of vacuum and air side d-sub backshells available. Our most commonly purchased items are detailed below, however, we offer, low profile versions, right-angle entry, other sizes and variants. Please contact us for further information on vacuum d-sub backshells or atmosphere side d-sub backshells.

Vacuum D-Sub Backshell

Vacuum D-Sub backshells are available in sizes 9, 15, 25, 37, 50 and 104.

The Lightweight Aluminum Backshells ensure high performance connections and a long life in the field.  Built for mission-critical applications, these vacuum d-sub backshells provide an excellent combination of size, weight, performance and protection.  Cable clamps and side cable exit options are available.  

HV D-sub backshell details as follows:

  • D9000ANE0/AA | Vacuum D-Sub Backshell, 9 Way
  • D15000ANE0/AA | Vacuum D-Sub Backshell, 15 Way
  • D25000ANE0/AA | Vacuum D-Sub Backshell, 25 Way
  • D37000ANE0/AA | Vacuum D-Sub Backshell, 37 Way

Air Side D-Sub Backshells

Whether you require a metal or plastic d-sub backshell, we have both versions available in re-openable and quick assembly options.

Metal D-Sub Backshells – Re-openable

  • MHDTZK9-K | D-Sub Backshell 9 way
  • MHDTZK15-K | D-Sub Backshell 15 way
  • MHDTZK25-K | D-Sub Backshell 25 way
  • MHDTZK37-K | D-Sub Backshell 37 way

Metal D-Sub Backshell – Quick Assembly

  • MHDM9-K | D-Sub Backshell 9 way
  • MHDM15-K | D-Sub Backshell 15 way
  • MHDM25-K | D-Sub Backshell 25 way
  • MHDM37-K | D-Sub Backshell 37 way

Plastic D-Sub Backshells – Quick Snap Lock

  • MHDPPK9-K | D-Sub Backshell 9 way
  • MHDPPK15-K | D-Sub Backshell 15 way
  • MHDPPK25-K | D-Sub Backshell 25 way
  • MHDPPK37-K | D-Sub Backshell 37 way

Plastic D-sub Backshells – Re-openable

  • MHDTPPK9-K | D-Sub Backshell 9 way
  • MHDTPPK15-K | D-Sub Backshell 15 way
  • MHDTPPK25-K | D-Sub Backshell 25 way
  • MHDTPPK37-K | D-Sub Backshell 37 way

Data Sheets & Resources

Vacuum D-sub Aluminum Backshell
Vacuum D-Sub Aluminum Backshell

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