Positronic Mach D

The Mach D series of connectors are high performance D-Sub connectors for use in harsh environments.

Built with precision machined shells, the superior EMC shielding protects against electronic disruptions, guarding against data loss and defending against system failure.

Mechanically rugged machined shell protects against shock, vibration, and impact

IP67 configurations protect against fluid and dust ingress

High-performance M24308 intermateable

Offered with standard and high density contact arrangements as well as hybrid versions, which combine both power and signal in a single connector.

Connector Options

MCD Series

MCD Series connectors are Standard Density D-Sub connectors.

Features include: 

  • Machined shells for ruggedness, planarity, and precision 
  • Interfacial seals and rear grommets for waterproofing 
  • Unique accessories include EMI grounding strips, keyed jackscrews, and banding backshell 
  • Quality and performance in accordance with MIL-DTL-24308

MCDD Series

MCDD Series connectors are High Density D-sub connectors, built for high performance applications requiring rugged machined shells. 

Features are the same as the MCD series.

MCBX Series

MCBX Series connectors are mixed density, combination D-Sub connectors.

Features include:

  • Ability to mix power and signal together in one D-Sub package
  • Twenty-five (25) layout options available

Data Sheets & Resources

Positronic MACH-D MCDD Series
Positronic MACH-D MCD Series
Positronic MACH-D MCBX Series

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