Ethernet/EtherCAT + Power CONEC Hybrid Connector

Benefits of the Conec Hybrid Connectors

With the newly developed CONEC Hybrid connector series (B12, B17, B23, B40), a compact hybrid connector system has been developed which combines and transmits the power supply and data transfer to CAT5 via a specially developed hybrid cable. This one-cable technique corresponds to modern connection and interface wiring technology and saves space, time and costs.

Faster Locking

Locking of mated connector is secured with a bayonet fastener, so that a time-consuming screw connection by means of a torque wrench is no longer necessary. A quarter turn ensures a secure connection and IP67 protection class. It is important to note that the bayonet can only be locked, if the hybrid connectors are completely mated in. The risk of failure due to incompletely mated or unscrewed connectors is thus greatly reduced.


  • Space-saving by transmitting data and power via one single connector
  • Reduced wiring
  • Shorter assembly times
  • Cost savings
  • Fast and secure connection with bayonet locking
  • Degree of protection IP67
  • Improved diagnostic possibilities
  • Compact and robust design

Fields of application:

  • Drive technology
  • Machine manufacturing
  • Robotics
  • Assembly and production lines
  • Renewable energy

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