Photoelectric sensors with BlueLight technology

Photoelectric Sensors with BlueLight

Photoelectric sensors with BlueLight technology – offer greater detection efficiency than conventional red light proximity sensors when detecting dark or transparent objects. Sensors with BlueLight technology therefore prove a cost-efficient alternative to standard red light photoelectric sensors. For example, in the packaging industry, plastics industry, automotive industry, solar industry (wafers), beverage industry orin special purpose machine construction or laboratory automation. These new sensors with BlueLight technology enable optimum detection in even more applications: reliable detection of reflective surfaces even at wide angles, e.g. varnished wooden surfaces, coated metal and painted plastic parts detection of transparent objects without use of a reflector, e.g. film, Petri dishes and cannulae detection of very dark objects, e.g. solar wafers, foam and plastic. For more information on all of our sensors and sensor cables, please phone 01494 791336 or e-mail: [email protected].

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