ERNI MaxiBridge Connectors

The Maxibridge connector is available in both single and dual row.  It has a 2.54mm pitch and can be reliably used for space saving connections between Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) and decentral units eg buttons, switches, LED’s, motors and fans etc.

ERNI’s Maxibridge connector has a high current rating of up to 12A per contact.  


The automotive industry is where the Maxibridge connectors have been most readily used in a variety of applications.  Headlight systems, where high temperature resistance and current carrying capacity are required has been a particularly popular application.  Heated steering wheels has been another successful application.

Air conditioning and ventilation systems, seat adjusters, analysis and diagnostic equipment, robotics and display boards are other applications.  Finally, battery management systems and the power electronics of modern electric and hybrid vehicles are often applications where the Maxibridge is designed in to.

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  • Designed for high reliability and space saving connections between PCBs and decentral units e.g. front plate elements like buttons, switches, fuses, motors, fans etc
  • Number of pins: 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 2×5, 2×10
  • Pitch: 2.54mm
  • Termination:  Male connector: SMT,  Female connector: Crimp
  • Vertical and right angle male connector.
  • Vertical Female connector 
  • 4 Colour Coding Versions: Black, Red, Green, Blue
  • Robust positive locking feature.

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